Get to know us

We are a global company in the market, offering a robust selection of IT Consulting services and provide a broad portfolio of solutions, combining innovative consulting, mobility with traditional solutions for IT services. We maintain our excellence by investing in technological innovations, the best partnerships, acquisitions of companies worldwide, and the hiring of highly trained professionals.

We believe technology can revolutionize a company therefore We also value new ideas and the power of an open mind, so we recognize every talent is essential to the quality of our projects and especially to our progress.

We also provided IT resources for the Government projects to support the IT infra in government offices on the Permanent/contractual basis.

Core technology services offered by Technoarth

1. AD Complete solution (DC creation from the scratch & promote, User management , Security groups management , AD trust implementation& management, Bare metal backup configuration , AD Health check automation with email trigger to the reporting team).

2. GPO implementation & management, WMI filter creation as per CIS benchmark standard.

3. Exchange server installation & configuration from the scratch, Email box creation & management, EDB maintenance, recovery for EDB in 0 seconds downtime to maintain the availability of exchange mailbox for business continuity while crashing EDB.

4. Exchange Failover cluster implementation & management for redundancy.

5. Exchange server live migration.

6. All type of AD migration, Infra configuration (single forest multi domain, Single forest single domain, Tree domain, Multi forest multi domain etc.)

7. File server implementation & configuration.

8. implementation & configuration of windows SQL failover cluster

9. DNS setup & management (DNS creation , DNS records creation, Primary & secondary DNS zone creation ,DNS Scavenging configuration , Forwarder & Conditional forwarder configuration, DNS backup configuration ).

10. DHCP configuration & management (DHCP creation, Scope & sub scope setup, Customized DHCP ports for application support like WDS & IIS etc., Static IP Exclusion ,MAC binding , Lease management ,DHCP backup configuration ).

11. Patching management - implementation (WSUS setup & configuration, SCCM setup & configuration, Ivanti configuration & management).

12. Complete Vulnerability solution for remediation of Windows & Linux servers.

13. Complete solution for advance level PowerShell scripting for fetching AD data for different – 2 process.

14. AWS infra setup configuration

15. AD azure setup & configuration including AD connect setup installation.

16. O365 configuration & management (User management, Email management, Team management, one drive management, share point management, Policy implementation, Migrations from on Premises to O365 etc.)

17. DR management (Restoring the backup from the bare metal backup or any 3rd party backup and prepare the server as per the current infra).

18. Backup configuration & management for the 3rd party tools (NetBackup, Veeam, Commvault etc.).

19. Website complete solution (Website development, Hosting, SSL, Domain purchase, logo design, letterhead design.).

20. All type of Application configuration & support, IIS configuration & site bindings with suggested parameters.

21. Monitoring setup configuration for the servers (Solarwind, Zabbix etc.).

22. Sailpoint configuration & management for User operations.

23. CyberArk implementation & configuration to maintain the Identity & access management.

24. VDS implementation & configuration to maintain the virtual infra.

25. Complete solution for ticketing tool (Installation & configuration of Service now, Cherwell etc.) for maintain the ITIL process.

26. Complete network solution (Firewall configuration, VLan configuration, content filtering, Switch configuration, routers configuration, Access point configuration, cabling, IOPS installation etc.)

27. Storage implementation & management (Raid Solution, Fiber channel, NAS, SAN etc.)

28. Virtual infra support & management (Complete solution for VMware & Hyper V).

VMware : - Installation of ESXI servers , VCenter , Vrops, VM level & VC level Networking, VC upgrade (CLI,GUI),ESXI upgradation, Cluster migration/management/implementation, Vami management, VM operations , Datastore operations, baseline operations, Content library operations etc.

Hyper V : - VM operations , backup configuration , networking etc.

29. Nutanix support for the infra.

30. Vendor support for – Physical servers, Nutanix, VMware, Microsoft, All type of support.

31. Wintel support for the infra.

32. Service desk operations for the infra.

33. ISMS, ISO, CIS benchmark implementation.

34. CAL purchase for applications and supporting Technology & Hardware purchase for the infra support.

35. IT support & IT staffing support for the E-Governance projects.

Our values

Adhere to the highest professional standards

  • put client interests ahead of our firm’s

  • maintain high standards and conditions for client service

  • observe high ethical standards

  • preserve client confidences

  • maintain an independent perspective

  • manage client and firm resources cost-effectively

Improve our clients’ performance

  • follow the top-management approach

  • pursue holistic impact

  • use our global network to deliver the best of our firm to all clients

  • bring innovations in management practice to clients

  • build client capabilities to sustain improvement

  • build enduring relationships based on trust

Create an unrivaled environment

  • be nonhierarchical and inclusive

  • sustain a caring meritocracy

  • develop one another through apprenticeship and mentoring

  • uphold the obligations to engage and dissent

  • embrace diverse perspectives with curiosity and respect

  • govern ourselves as a “one firm” partnership

Our mission

To help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm that develops the technical standard as per compliance.

Our vision

Our commitment to building a better working world is unwavering. We understand that trust and confidence are essential components of any successful economy, and we strive to provide the highest quality services to our clients. Through our leadership development programmes, we cultivate the skills and expertise necessary to deliver on our promises and exceed expectations. By working collaboratively with our stakeholders, we create a positive impact on the communities we serve. At Technoarth, we are dedicated to making a difference in the world by building a better future for everyone.

Founder & Director

Arti Singh